La pasarela

Ulises Rosell

Clorinda, next to Asunción, in Paraguay, is a small town full of shops, stands and warehouses. The town converges on the gangway “The fraternity”: 40 meters of wooden bridge that crosses an inexistent creek/boundary. There are entire families of bearers: a sort of caste or heavy heritage. They get together while they wait, and drink mate, play cards, and joke around. The different languages blend with the sound of the radio, of laughter, and silence. They’ve known each other for ages: they’ve all been there since they were kids, carrying things from one point to the other. Day after day being busy, day after day being unoccupied.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Ulises Rosell
  • Producer Pablo Rey
  • DP Guido De Paula
  • Sound Designer Francisco Seoane
  • Film Editor Laureano Rizzo