La mochila perfecta

Nele Wohlatz

A German ecologist and her daughter, who lives in Argentina, meet in Cuba to make a documentary about snails. The mother works helping her cuban collegues to protect the pylomita picta snails, who live in the island and are facing extinction. The mother has her own ideas about how the documentary should be made, and her daughter follows her; but when authorities forbid them to film, the whole movie changes. It’s not about snails anymore, but about themselves.


  • Year 2014
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Nele Wohlatz
  • Cast Nele Wohlatz, Sibylle Maurer-Wohlatz
  • Writer Nele Wohlatz
  • Producer Nele Wohlatz, Sibylle Maurer-Wohlatz
  • DP Nele Wohlatz, Sibylle Maurer-Wohlatz
  • Sound Designer Sibylle Maurer-Wohlatz, Nele Wohlatz
  • Film Editor Gerardo Naumann