Before the Law.

Emiliano Jelicié & Pablo Klappenbach

Carlos Correas, cult writer, left a series of unanswered questions after his dramatic death. Manuscripts, diaries, letters, judicial records and the traumatic adaptation of a story, become the pieces of a puzzle that reconstructs his painful intellectual life.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Emiliano Jelicié & Pablo Klappenbach
  • Cast Tomás Abraham, Gustavo Bruzzone, Bernardo Carey, Marta Correas, Marta Dujovne
  • Writer Emiliano Jelicié, Pablo Klappenbach
  • Producer Saula Benavente
  • DP Pablo Bernst
  • Sound Designer Adriano Salgado
  • Film Editor Mariano Graglia, Emiliano Jelicié, Pablo Klappenbach