José Ignacio

Ricardo Preve

Fernando is an argentine in his fifties who lives in Jose Ignacio, a small village on the coast of Uruguay which used to be a fishing town, but has now become the hottest beach resort in Latin America. He used to be an important executive in Buenos Aires, but the argentine crisis of 2001 drove him to move and start a new career as a writer. His life is very ordered: he gets up early, follows his investments online, and never goes to parties. His daughter Cristina, who studies in nearby Buenos Aires, comes to visit him on her vacation, and asks him to accompany her to a surfing class on the beach. There he meets Marina, an italian woman who is a surfing instructor. She lives in Italy but comes to Jose Ignacio to teach surf in the summer. Marina is pretty, outgoing, and athletic, quite the opposite to Fernando. And younger, in her mid thirties. Fernando is taken by the beauty and spontaneity of Marina. And she admires his maturity and stability. Slowly their mutual attraction blossoms into a passionate romance. With the end of summer, the days become shorter, the water colder, and life more difficult in the small tourist town. Fernando wants to have Marina stay with him, and build a life together. Marina is torn between her love for Fernando, and her desire to be free and return to Italy. Will love prevail over the harsh reality of two lives that are so different from each other?


  • Year 2009
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Ricardo Preve
  • Cast Jean Pierre Noher, Elizabetta Riva, Mariana Gio, Willy Barbosa
  • Writer Ricardo Preve
  • Producer Ramón Cardini
  • DP Leonardo Aguinaga
  • Sound Designer Sergio Albertoni
  • Film Editor Federico Peretti