(How) to be dead

Manuel Ferrari

A young boy decides to fake his own kidnapping. He abandons school and then meets some friends outside who don’t know about his plan. They walk around downtown Buenos Aires all day long. Finally, the boy leaves his friends on a train while they are asleep. The boy wanders all alone in the city at night. A number of surveillance cameras search all over the area. The boy disappears.


  • Year 2008
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Manuel Ferrari
  • Cast Inés Efron, Ignacio Rogers, Julián Tello, Nahuel Viale
  • Writer Manuel Ferrari, Nicolás Zukerfeld
  • Producer Carolina Krasñansky
  • DP Fernando Lockett
  • Art Clara Picasso
  • Sound Designer Francisco Pedemonte
  • Film Editor Hernán Hevia