The Hour of the Nap

Sofía Mora

Dad is dead and mom has locked herself in her bedroom to cry and sleep; she doesn’t want to see anyone. Franca and her younger brother guard the door of the room so none of the annoying relatives assembled in their house in the middle of the afternoon can interrupt her solitary mourning. Afterwards, while waiting for the funeral, they wander around the neighborhood, perhaps in search of fresh air to clear their weary heads. Almost teenagers, they are just two somewhat lost brothers, trying to deal with one certainty (death) and the doubts it has brought about.


  • Year 2009
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Sofía Mora
  • Cast Belén Poviña, Elías Maidanik, Francisco Arena
  • Writer Sofía Mora
  • Producer Néstor Frenkel
  • DP Matías Iaccarino, Diego Poleri
  • Art Micaela Mirábile, Magdalena Mora
  • Sound Designer Diego Gat
  • Film Editor Néstor Frenkel, Sofía Mora