The Clues - Las Pistas - Lanhoyij - Nmitaxanaxac

Sebastián Lingiardi

Right from its original idea, ¨The Clues - Las Pistas - Lanhoyij - Nmitaxanaxac¨ surprises you. How come no one had ever thought of including the different cultures that inhabit Argentina to shape up a story about betrayal, rescues, double agents, and varied, imprecise intrigues? That’s the game suggested by Sebastian Lingiardi’s triple-named (from its wichi and Toba translations) first film, in which a series of apparently harmless characters weave a net of imprecise connections and goals, a plot of unknown limits that turns paranoia into a concrete reality.


  • Year 2010
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Sebastián Lingiardi
  • Cast Armando Bustamante, Gabriela Canaves, Gustavo Salvatierra, Laura Segundo, Juan Manuel Tellategui
  • Writer María Paz Bustamante
  • DP Luciano Lamas
  • Film Editor Sebastián Lingiardi