Free García

María Boughen

Inés and Roma roam the rooftops and streets of the city, they dream up their own universe, they make and unmake themselves through games and projects that never prosper. Inés and Roma run away and it’s within their own symbiosis where they feel most confused. They search without knowing what they’re looking for, finding themselves on the other end. Garcia joins them on this uneven wander, with the sole intention of being freed.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Fiction
  • Director María Boughen
  • Cast Manuela Piqué, Luna Sarsale, Ayar Blasco, Rafael Caputo, Julio Bresso, Noemí Dora Onetto Badaracco
  • Writer María Boughen
  • Producer Agustina Santiago - VACA NINJA
  • DP Rocío Barbenza
  • Art Gabriela Sorbi
  • Sound Designer Joaquín Esteva, Franco Rimoldi, Martín Maidan, Guido Bruno Texier
  • Film Editor María Boughen