El descanso

Ulises Rosell, Andrés Tambornino & Rodrigo Moreno

A car crash in the road makes Freddy Fassano encounter “El Descanso”, an old hotel of the thirties, now in ruins. Tempted by the idea of recovering the good old times, he leads the extravagant enterprise of reopening the grand hotel, and gathers a heterogeneous crew to help. But everything falls apart when Doctor McDonnel, the noteworthy lawyer of the region, shows up. He starts an unpredictable battle against Freddy, which in the end reveals the hotel’s enigmatic history.


  • Year 2002
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Ulises Rosell, Andrés Tambornino & Rodrigo Moreno
  • Cast Juan Ignacio Machado, Fernando Miaznik, Raúl Urtizberea, José Palomino Cortez, Javier Lombardo
  • Writer Rodrigo Moreno, Ulises Rosell, Andrés Tambornino
  • Producer Pepe Salvia, Lila Scenna
  • DP Javier Julia
  • Art Mariela Rípodas
  • Sound Designer Federico Esquerro, Catriel Vildosola
  • Film Editor Nicolás Goldbart