Hasta después de muerta

Eduardo Martínez de la pera, Ernesto Gunche, Florencio Parravicini

The movie starts as a light comedy in a typical boarding house, where two medicine students (Parravicini, Argentino Gómez) must deal with its imposing owner (Orfilia Rico) and rescue young Carmen (Silvia Parodi) from the attentions of his boss (Enrique Serrano). After some comic scenes, humour is replaced by drama: the girl falls in love with one of the students, but he’s set on marrying a wealthy bride and ascending socially. After the success of “Nobleza gaucha”, two of its creators (Martínez de la Pera and Gunche) opened their own studios and called Parravicini to write and co-direct this film, that was also a success.

Martínez de la Pera and Gunche were capable of a technical quality that was superior to all Argentinian films until then, and that can be witnessed in the images of this film. In order to transcend the stagy essence of the topic, Parravicini highlighted the city by shooting outdoors and adding a dynamic police search scene. The story ends with a situation (“Look what you did!”, says the character played by Parravicini) that must be one of the most macabre in the history of melodrama. (Fernando Martín Peña)


  • Year 1916
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Eduardo Martínez de la pera, Ernesto Gunche, Florencio Parravicini
  • Cast Florencio Parravicini, Orfilia Rico, Silvia Parodi, María Fernanda Ladrón de Guevara, Mariano Galé
  • Writer Florencio Parravicini
  • DP Eduardo Martínez de la Pera, Ernesto Gunche