'73 Model

Rodrigo Moscoso

They say there’s nothing like a classic car to impress the ladies, but that’s not the kind of automobile our heroes end up with. Manuel (Emmanuel Moscoso), Luis (Sebastian Colina), and Ramiro (Fernando Belton) are three guys just edging out of their teenage years who decide they need a car if they want to get anywhere with the women in the small town where they were born. Pooling their money, they become the collective owners of a 1973 Chevrolet, though they soon discover that the car is far more trouble than it’s worth. Manuel, whose father has gotten him a job as a sign painter, is the first to find out how much of a liability the Chevy can be when he meets a girl at a dance club and offers her a ride home – only to discover that the car refuses to move. Things aren’t going much better for his friends; Ramiro is infatuated with a female police officer and has no idea of what to do about it, while Luis is in love with the teacher at his night school, but has to settle for dating her niece.


  • Year 2001
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Rodrigo Moscoso
  • Cast Fernando Belton, Sebastián Colina, Jimena González, Emmanuel Moscoso
  • Writer Rodrigo Moscoso, Juan Villegas
  • Producer Nathalie Cabiron, Rodrigo Moscoso
  • DP Guillermo Nieto
  • Art Paula Ferrer
  • Sound Designer Martin Litmanovich, Jesica Suarez
  • Film Editor Julián Andrade, Germán Drexler, Nicolás Goldbart