Today I felt no fear

Iván Fund

“Today I felt no fear” is two movies in one. The first one portrays the everyday life of two sisters, Ara and Marian: how they make dresses, hang out, take care of their dog, and evoke presences that are long gone. The second ‘movie within the movie’ portrays the film’s crew at work, and abandons linear storytelling to experiment with the possibilities given by the textures of images and sounds.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Iván Fund
  • Cast Leandro Airaldo, Marianela Castellan, Araceli Castellano, Eduardo Crespo, Estefanía Folmer
  • Writer Iván Fund
  • Producer Eduardo Crespo, Iván Eibuszyc, Iván Fund, Gabriel Zaragoza
  • DP Eduardo Crespo, Iván Fund
  • Art Micaela Saiegh