Federico Luis Tachella & Ignacio Bollini

To know someone in depth can be exhausting. Even in the most mundane situations, it is possible to find tension peeking from underneath. “Glass” explores the universe of relationships, with a series of apparently isolated scenes, with unknown characters that are, through dialogue, constantly making each other burst in absurd manners.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Federico Luis Tachella & Ignacio Bollini
  • Cast Nahuel Viale, Denise Groesman, Valeria Correa, Ignacio Rogers, Juan Barberini
  • Writer Fernando Segal
  • Producer Ignacio Bollini, Federico Luis Tachella, Micaela Freire, Lucila Friedlander
  • DP Santiago Tróccoli
  • Art Carolina Nastri
  • Sound Designer Nahuel Palenque, Lucio Fontana
  • Film Editor Daniel Kim