El último malón

Alcides Greca

Four years before Robert Flaherty premiered “Nanook of the north”, writer Alcides Greca carried out this experience in Santa Fe, which not only anticipated visual anthropology but also erased the limits between documentary and fiction. The first part describes the situation of misery in which the mocovíes live in the north of Santa Fe. The second part reconstructs (in part with its same protagonists) the attack to the town of San Javier that the mocovíes launched in 1904.

“El último malón” was rescued from oblivion in 1956 by Fernando Birri and the Santa Fe Documentary Film School, with the exhibition of an original 35 mm. print, property of the Greca family. In 1968, the film club Rosario comissioned a 16 mm reduction, made by technician Fernando Vigévano.

Today, the 35 mm. print is considered to be lost. This version was extracted from the 16 mm. reduction, preserved by the Museum of Film Pablo Ducrós Hicken. (Fernando Martín Peña)


  • Year 1918
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Alcides Greca
  • Cast Mariano López, Salvador López, Rosa Volpe, Indígenas sobrevivientes de la rebelión mocoví
  • Writer Alcides Greca