To Heaven

Diego Prado

Andrés in a shy teenager who likes listening to punk music. He goes moves around the streets of La Plata city between school, work and home. One night he heard on TV that his idol Ricky Pagani, leader of the rock band Black Night, commited suicide. Because of the impact of the news, his mother gets concerned and take him to the evangelic church. Andrés joins a youth group and meets Alex, the guitar player of a band that practises there. The attraction (between them) is so strong that become the cause of his sudden interest in religious activities.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Diego Prado
  • Cast Enrique Lunazzi, Mauro Haramboure, Lucas Serra, Ana Angelillo
  • Writer María Eugenia Cortajerena
  • Producer Festifreak Produce (PE), Nadia Estebanez
  • DP Luisina Anderson, Raphael Vargas, Luis Migliavacca (Cámara)
  • Art Analía Almada
  • Sound Designer Ramiro Díaz Agüero
  • Film Editor Marcos Migliavacca, Diego Prado