BAFICI Special!

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What are you now?

Gustavo Galuppo & Mariano Goldgrob

Documentary | 2011 | 62 min

This story recovers the happy years of band "Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes", the songs, and the voices of those who don't forget, because they still carry them in their hearts.

Lost Alamo

Francisco Forbes

Documentary | 2012 | 98 min

Los Alamos is a band formed in 2004 by Peter Lopez and Ezequiel Safatle. Their particular sound (self-proclaimed “narco-country”) is informed by the band's passion for music and the variety of styles that have served as inspiration. Lost Alamo portrays the evolution of the band during a crucial period of uncertainty.

Dreams of Polvorón

Gabriel Alijo

Documentary | 2006 | 70 min

From Los Polvorines, Guillermo Solis turns into Willy Polvorón, a lumpen songwriter and guitarist who tries to infiltrate in the world of music’s high society.