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La intemperie sin fin

Juan José Gorasurreta

Documentary | 2008 | 44 min

The film "Documentary Experience N°3 - Juan L. Ortiz" ("La intemperie sin fin") is an investigation piece on one of Argentina's greatest poets.

En el infierno del Chaco

Roque Funes

Documentary | 1932 | 54 min

In 1932, when the war between Paraguay and Bolivia over the boreal Chaco had been just declared, cameraman Roque Funes travelled to Paraguay in order to record with his camera their army, during the first episodes of the conflict.

La vuelta al bulín

José A. Ferreyra

Short Films | 1926 | 20 min

This film is a vehicle for comedian Álvaro Escobar to display his talents. He plays a fool that thinks highly of himself, taking advantage of some of the stereotypes or the inhabitants of La Boca, a picturesque neighborhood by the river.