BAFICI Special!

BAFICI Special! | Cinema of the Future Competition

String Theory

L. Montes, G. González Carreño, C. Frías, L. Focarazzo, L. Foglio, E. De Rossi, O. Maio, J. Tancredi, S. Brauer, A. González Mendiondo, A. Casal

Fiction | 2011 | 69 min

Every segment in this film is entitled by some chemical element, as if the whole piece could fuse together different components that rarely work together. And perhaps their alchemist secret, their true reason for being, is to experiment on combinations that, regardless of how improbable they are, can also generate a big audiovisual potion.

no subs

Love Song

Karin Idelson

Documentary | 2011 | 59 min

“You’d think people have had enough of silly love songs / But I look around me and I see it isn’t so”, sang Paul McCartney. And those lyrics seem to guide Karin Idelson’s camera in this exploration of “popular applications” of romantic songs, to put a word on it.

The fantastic world of Cropogo

Wenceslao Bonelli

Documentary | 2011 | 66 min

Welcome to the surreal world of Crópogo: “cro” from croquet, “po” from polo, “go” from golf. This mixture is a sport that has been played for about eight decades in Sierra de la Ventana, south of Buenos Aires.

(How) to be dead

Manuel Ferrari

Fiction | 2008 | 76 min

A young boy decides to fake his own kidnapping. He abandons school and then meets some friends outside who don’t know about his plan.