BAFICI Special!

BAFICI Special! | Panorama

An X-Ray of the Desert

Mariano Donoso

Documentary | 2013 | 97 min

When Martínez Estrada wrote "Radiografía de la Pampa", he was influenced by his readings on the literature by explorers who ventured into unknown lands. “An X-Ray of the Desert” also picks up the idea of venturing into strange areas. The destination: the Argentine desert.

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Free García

María Boughen

Fiction | 2013 | 82 min

Inés and Roma roam the rooftops and streets of the city, they dream up their own universe, they make and unmake themselves through games and projects that never prosper.


Federico Luis Tachella & Ignacio Bollini

Fiction | 2013 | 94 min

To know someone in depth can be exhausting. Even in the most mundane situations, it is possible to find tension peeking from underneath.


Ezequiel Yanco

Documentary | 2012 | 75 min

Los días is a film about two twin sisters, their everyday life and the intimacy of their female childhood world.

Hot Button Players

Daniel Casabé y Edgardo Dieleke

Documentary | 2011 | 80 min

This is a film about buttons (the ones in clothing) that play soccer. Soccer with buttons? Yes, but the buttons don’t move on their own; they are moved by Rómulo Berruti and Alfredo Serra, veteran journalists, long-time friends, eminent conversationalists who are fans of soccer-playing buttons.


Cinthia Varela, Marco Berger, Cecilia Del Valle, Andrew Sala, Francisco Forbes

Fiction | 2010 | 88 min

Five stories about sex directed by five young directors.

Ricardo Becher, Final Stage

Tomás Lipgot

Documentary | 2010 | 70 min

Tomás Lipgot records renowed filmmaker, writer and professor Ricardo Becher at age 80, while he starts writing a book about his experience in the nursing home.

The Pursued

Horacio Correa

Fiction | 2010 | 63 min

The conflictive situation behind the act of literary creation can derive in small daily labyrinths: the white sheet, which nowadays blinks on a computer monitor, can be a dangerous abyss.

Metropolis refound

Evangelina Loguercio, Diego Panich, Laura Tusi & Sebastián Yablón

Documentary | 2010 | 47 min

In June 2008 Film Archeology was news all over the world: Metropolis’ (Fritz Lang, 1927) missing scenes, lost for over eight decades, had reappeared in Buenos Aires. This documentary tracks down the detour of this print containing the complete version of the film.

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Soy Huao

Juan Baldana

Documentary | 2009 | 92 min

In the rainforest of Ecuador live the Toñampare, a community of Huaroni. They are legendary and have lived isolated for many years, due to their temerity. They introduce themselves as "Huaos", which means person.

Heart of the Factory

Ernesto Ardito & Virna Molina

Documentary | 2008 | 120 min

The film looks at the life of a group of workers, inhabitants of the Argentinean Patagonia, who start a fight to stop the deaths and accidents that happen in the factory where they work.

Big for the City

Andrés P. Estrada & Juan Schnitman

Documentary | 2007 | 82 min

“No solos, what matters is the melody” says one of the members of Astroboy, a Uruguayan brit pop band. This film documents the recording sessions of their second album, Big for the City.

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An Illuminated Life

Andrés Habegger

Documentary | 2007 | 39 min

Two passions entertain the days of “Tucho” Lazlo: the music from vinyl collection and the paintings he makes at a collective workshop. The first passion seems logical, given Tucho’s present condition: blindness. Painting, instead, is a challenge taken on one picture at a time, that allows him to relate to the visual universe snatched away from him by a tragic decision.

Colegiales, Popular Assembly

Gustavo Laskier

Documentary | 2006 | 62 min

Buenos Aires, December, 2001. In the middle of an economic and political crisis, the public took to the streets. In Colegiales, neighbors created an Assembly, and started organizing autonomous political actions.

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Viaje a Marte

Juan Pablo Zaramella

Short Films | 2004 | 16 min

Antonio is a boy who wants to go to Mars. Luckily, his grandfather knows how to get there.

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Alabanza a la papa

Ignacio Masllorens

Short Films | 2004 | 24 min

What do Eva Perón, Victor Grippo, an American tourist and poet Arturo Basanta from Catamarca have in common? They’ve all passed through the valley of Traslasierra and became victims of the tubercle that obsesses the inhabitants of “Villa Dolores”: the solanum tuberosum, also known as “potato”.

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Ernesto Ardito & Virna Molina

Documentary | 2003 | 129 min

This is a film about the life and work of Raymundo Gleyzer, Argentine filmmaker, kidnapped and murdered by that country’s military dictatorship in 1976.


Mariano Cohn, Adrián De Rosa, Gastón Duprat

Documentary | 2000 | 96 min

This film adopts the structure of an encyclopedia, with several scenes that aren't linked in any way, and produces a sort of X-ray of the argentinian society of the nineties.