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100 years past the invention of the Cinematograph, the preservation of our audiovisual heritage is still pending. Even though there have been advances - such as the awareness of film as a part of our national cultural heritage and the urgency of its conservation - the development of a legal framework, the specialization of human resources and the implementation of modern archivist practices, still need to be achieved.

“Mosaico Criollo” is a significant contribution in this sense: the result of an unprecedented iniciative due to the range, quality and quantity of the offered material, and to the novel collaboration between public and private archives, state institutions and companies tied to the preservation of our audiovisual heritage.

En el infierno del Chaco

Roque Funes

Documentary | 1932 | 54 min

In 1932, when the war between Paraguay and Bolivia over the boreal Chaco had been just declared, cameraman Roque Funes travelled to Paraguay in order to record with his camera their army, during the first episodes of the conflict.

Film Revista Valle II

Cinematografía Valle

Short Films | 1931 | 10 min

Argentinian newsreel of the silent period.

La quena de la muerte

Nelo Cosimi

Fiction | 1929 | 67 min

A woman and his lover spend a season at the mountains, in order to recover from the excesses of life in the city. But peace doesn't last long: he tries to seduce a country-woman and she invites a mongrel over to her bedroom.

Mosaico Criollo

Eleuterio Iribarren

Short Films | 1929 | 9 min

Filmed musical sketches of different popular genres: folk, malambo, piano solo and tango.

Film Revista Valle I

Cinematografía Valle

Short Films | 1926 | 13 min

Argentinian newsreel of the silent period.

La vuelta al bulín

José A. Ferreyra

Short Films | 1926 | 20 min

This film is a vehicle for comedian Álvaro Escobar to display his talents. He plays a fool that thinks highly of himself, taking advantage of some of the stereotypes or the inhabitants of La Boca, a picturesque neighborhood by the river.

Mi alazán tostao

Nelo Cosimi

Fiction | 1923 | 43 min

Amancio, the son of a judge, is the real master and lord of a town, and wants to impose his property criteria over the owners of ranches and horses. He stops the eviction of Eulalia's family ranch, with the hidden intention of making her his lover.

La mosca y sus peligros

Eduardo Martínez de la Pera & Ernesto Gunche

Short Films | 1920 | 35 min

A series of frightening images demonstrates how the fly manages to transmit all kinds of diseases.

El último malón

Alcides Greca

Fiction | 1918 | 62 min

A reconstruction of the mocoví tribes rebellion in the area of Chaco in Santa Fe, in 1904.

Hasta después de muerta

Eduardo Martínez de la pera, Ernesto Gunche, Florencio Parravicini

Fiction | 1916 | 73 min

With a young woman's grave as a starting point, the movie is a long flashback that retells the story of this young woman and a couple of medicine students, at times comically, at times dramatically.

Actualidades Argentinas

Casa Lepage (Max Glucksmann)

Short Films | 1913 | 10 min

Emblematic newsreel of the silent period.

Operaciones del Dr. Posadas

Eugenio Py

Short Films | 1899 | 9 min

Between 1899 and 1900 an Argentinian surgeon hired cameraman Eugenio Py to film two of his surgeries in the old Clínicas Hospital.