BAFICI Special!

BAFICI Special! | Argentine Short Films Competition

Now is Never

Pablo Acosta Larroca, Nicolás Aponte A. Gutter

Short Films | 2014 | 29 min

A very particular view on failed love, unrealized bonds, and possible relations that never do happen.

A recurring dream

Santiago Esteves

Short Films | 2013 | 22 min

Ignacio has the same dream every night. This dream is destroying everything from the inside of his mind: his job, his romance, his personality, his world.

If it's not tomorrow

Martín Schuliaquer

Short Films | 2013 | 13 min

The morning, a lonely walk around, a breakfast for two and some unfinished projects.

Horror Vacui

Florencia Aliberti

Short Films | 2013 | 2 min

A found footage piece that recycles Super 8 films, experimenting with film material. It reflects upon the construction of the other-antagonist: the wild one, the wild woman, nature, and the undomesticated.

Daughters of the River

Segundo Arregui

Short Films | 2013 | 23 min

Magda and her friend Jochi are expected to spend the afternoon on the riverside while her mother sets the house for visits. Heat strikes viedma city on their last day together, before Magda leaves for college.

The Step

Guillermina Pico

Short Films | 2013 | 10 min

She works nights, when most people are asleep. As she listens to trendy music, she practices over and over again the words she means to say to her family so she can jump out to the world that, she senses, is vibrating outside.

no subs

Yo y Maru 2012

Juan Renau

Short Films | 2013 | 11 min

“The ability to write letters must have brought the world a terrible disturbance of souls. Because it’s a relationship with ghosts – and not only with the phantom of the recipient, but also with the own. Who can think it’s possible to maintain relationships through correspondence!” Letter from Franz Kafka to Milena Jesenska, 1920.


Daniela Goldes

Short Films | 2013 | 10 min

This is the story of Hilda, the daughter of a Nazi leader who fled from Germany to South America at the end of World War II.

no subs

7:15 pm. Rosa Cherñajovsky

Hernán Weisz

Short Films | 2012 | 5 min

Rosa Cheñajovsky is 80 years old, and the news of having to wear glasses seems to surprise her as if she were a child.

The Suit

Agostina Galvez & Luna Paiva

Short Films | 2012 | 11 min

During summer, Inés visits her grandmother, who lives in a sea town. Inés searches her grandmother’s house and winds up finding a suit that holds a mystery.

Variations on Alice

Florencia Aliberti

Short Films | 2011 | 3 min

Made by recycling a Disney animation and a pornographic film, this short aims to connect two completely opposite genres that nevertheless have a common educational element: they both appeal to ideals through which they exercise their influence.


Milton Secchi

Short Films | 2011 | 10 min

What do trips around the house sound like?


Sergio Quatraro

Short Films | 2011 | 26 min

“Papá” is a documentary in which a variety of family footage illustrates the director’s feelings and findings about his father Carlos, whom he hardly remembers, and who was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Love Changes

Ignacio Ceroi

Short Films | 2011 | 21 min

Marco, Patricio and Lucrecia form a peculiar love triangle. Patricio seems to be okay with it, but Marco feels uneasy.

The crimes

Santiago Esteves

Short Films | 2011 | 20 min

A cop tells the story of an old case. A young widow, a sleepless business man, a horse left out in a stable. The city as the setting of a trap.


Eduardo Crespo

Short Films | 2010 | 18 min

Two brothers and their dying mother are waiting for the rain to stop. They have to make a choice: either stay in and look after their mother, or go out to work before the water ruins the crop.


Jeymer Gamboa y Franco Castro

Short Films | 2010 | 14 min

A man makes a car trip with a dark purpose, and he will try to erase the traces he left behind.

The Game

Benjamín Naishtat

Short Films | 2010 | 20 min

A group of armed men are wandering in the jungle, tracking each other. Like in any sort of game, rivalries and internal conflicts will not take long to emerge, drawing a line between the strong and the weak.


Milton Secchi

Short Films | 2010 | 13 min

Five provocative young men meet in a closed patio. From the silence that stems from the “siesta”, comes the sound of a rock band. Immutable, they play as time splits into two and loses the stability of the present.

Me, Natalie

Guillermina Pico

Short Films | 2009 | 29 min

Natalia Kohen, renowned artist, millionaire and patron of the arts, claims to have been kidnapped by her daughters and held in a well-known neuro-psychiatric facility.

The Contrabass

Alejo Franzetti

Short Films | 2008 | 15 min

At the shores of Buenos Aires, among the debries that form the coast of its echological reserve, she listens, closely, to a confession. What follows, will only be mere inconveniences and questions between a corpse and a contrabass.


Juan Pablo Zaramella

Short Films | 2007 | 3 min

A curious nun ventures into the darker side of her world.

Árboles y arbustos

Francisco Pedemonte

Short Films | 2004 | 11 min

"(...) Evergreen, up to 20 meters tall. Straight trunk, dark, hardly cleft, thin bark; rounded, generous, dense, obscure, bright green,..."

El cazador es un corazón solitario

Lorena Muñoz

Short Films | 2000 | 7 min

A photographer has lost his wife in an accident, while taking pictures of her, and feels guilty and depressed. One day, he meets another woman, very alike his former wife, whom he’ll try to replace.