BAFICI Special!

BAFICI Special! | Argentine Competition

While I'm Singing

Julián Montero Ciancio

Documentary | 2014 | 41 min

Juan María is a hair dresser looking to become a rock star. His dream begins to come true when he's invited to sing to a tango reunion.

Igual si llueve

Fernando A. Gatti

Fiction | 2012 | 64 min

As he sits on a present situation where his childhood’s expiration date gives way to an uncertain adolescence, Agustín decides to create a small freedom spot far from his daily routine.


Mariano Luque

Fiction | 2012 | 66 min

Small mountains. Trees. Camping. A couple in a tent. They're having a sunny day, and luckily, there are not many tourists. Right away there are signs that say they’re not equals. The man holds more power. The woman is trapped.

Brides - Godmothers - Sweet 16

Diego Levy & Pablo Levy

Documentary | 2011 | 61 min

The Levy brothers portray a world they are very familiar with: a silk shop owned by their father, “Negro” Levy, located in the Once neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

no subs

Sip'ohi, el lugar del manduré

Sebastián Lingiardi

Documentary | 2011 | 63 min

Gustavo Salvatierra returns to his hometown, Sipo'hi, in the impenetrable forest in the north of Argentina, with the aim of listening and collecting stories of wichí culture.

no subs

Today I felt no fear

Iván Fund

Fiction | 2011 | 123 min

"Today I felt no fear" is two movies at once. The first one portrays two sisters in their everyday lives, and the second one abandons lineal narrative to explore freely with the textures of images and sounds.


Laura Citarella

Fiction | 2011 | 84 min

A girl wins in a contest, a four-day vacation in a hotel in Ostende, in the Buenos Aires province. Here, she's driven by the forces of leisure, and of intrigue, fueled by subtle enigmas and slightly disturbing situations.

Become a stall holder

Julián D'Angiolillo

Documentary | 2010 | 92 min

La Salada is a group of fairs that specialize in textiles, located outside the city of Buenos Aires, above the ruins of old popular seaside resorts. The stallholders have built their own powerful non-hegemonic economy, offering goods and prices that the regular city doesn't offer.

The Clues - Las Pistas - Lanhoyij - Nmitaxanaxac

Sebastián Lingiardi

Fiction | 2010 | 50 min

The different cultures that inhabit Argentina shape up a story about betrayal, rescues, double agents, and varied, imprecise intrigues.

no subs

The Intern

Clara Picasso

Fiction | 2010 | 64 min

A young intern starts a night job as a bell-boy at a five star hotel in Buenos Aires. During his internship he is trained by a receptionist, with whom he develops a close relationship.


Mariano Donoso

Documentary | 2009 | 73 min

Three decades later, the project for the reconstruction of the Civic Center of the province of San Juan is back on track: the bureaucratic machine combines with the cranes and human strength and the megalomaniac desire that such a venture implies. There, in the monumental recovery of lost dreams and projects that suddenly come back to life, Mariano Donoso sees a film.


Carola Gliksberg

Fiction | 2008 | 72 min

Three situations of a vaguely theatrical origin, stripped of any kind of exterior clothing, reveal the trail of a different kind of cinema.

no subs

Espejo para cuando me pruebe el smoking

Alejandro Fernández Mouján

Documentary | 2005 | 102 min

On December 20th, 2001, in Buenos Aires, there’s a social uprising. A sculptor recollects from the steet shotgun cartridges, rubber bullets and stones thrown by protesters, and plans to make a work of art.


Mariano Donoso

Documentary | 2005 | 88 min

In July 2002, an American Producer comissions director Mariano Donoso a documentary on the state of Education in San Juan, the province where he was born. On the first day of filming, a teachers’ strike begins, paralyzing classes in the whole province, and – indirectly – the film itself.

Love (Part One)

Alejandro Fadel, Martín Máuregui, Santiago Mitre, Juan Schnitman

Fiction | 2005 | 102 min

"Love (Part One)" dissects the way in which 25-year-olds live, suffer and enjoy falling in love.

El descanso

Ulises Rosell, Andrés Tambornino & Rodrigo Moreno

Fiction | 2002 | 81 min

A car crash in the road makes Freddy Fassano encounter "El Descanso", an old hotel of the thirties, now in ruins. Tempted by the idea of recovering the good old times, he leads the extravagant enterprise of reopening the grand hotel.